Orfilia Mora Garzon


About This Coffee




Caturra Castillo

Hazelnut, Citrus, Chocolate


El Divino Niño, Huila



Farmer's Story

We've been working with coffee for 22 years now. We used to live near Caquetá, but the journey to get there took up to 6 hours of walking, so we decided to look for a new direction and a bit more peace. Our farm is called La Granja, and it's located in the El Divino Niño neighborhood in the town of Suaza. Our family consists of mom, dad, and our three kids. Our older daughters help us out on the farm, and during the harvest season, we hire 5 to 7 more people to boost our productivity.

We've grown Caturra coffee variety in the past, but right now we're planting pink Bourbon and some other varieties. We have about 18,000 coffee plants. For many years, coffee has been our only source of income. It's helped us support our family, and we always try to produce a clean cup of coffee and do an excellent job cultivating it with lots of love and care.

I think working with Progeny is really cool because they give benefits to us coffee growers, and I believe learning how to manage the water used in the process is super important.

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