Jose Javier Chicue Marín


About This Coffee





Herbal, Caramel, Sandelwood


Las Palmas, Huila



Farmer's Story

El Progreso, our cherished farm, is nestled in the picturesque hamlet of Las Palmeras within the municipality of Guadalupe. Located 23 kilometers from the bustling town center, the farm's highest elevations reach 1,860 meters above sea level, basking in a mild climate that nurtures our coffee plants to perfection. We take pride in cultivating a diverse range of coffee varieties, including Caturra, pink Bourbon, and semi-cafe.

Our unique coffee processing method involves leaving the beans in their mucilage for 46 to 62 hours, a technique that imparts distinctive flavors and aromas. After this period, we cleanse the beans, removing impurities before allowing them to rest overnight. The following day, we proceed with the depulping process. With a lifetime dedicated to understanding and working with coffee, I've been able to provide for my family of five children, with the unwavering support of my wife playing a crucial role in our growth and success.

Throughout my journey with coffee, I have always strived for excellence and taken responsibility for each stage of the process. In the quieter, cooler months, our daily operations require a small but dedicated team of four. During the bustling harvest season, however, our workforce expands to 10 to 12 hardworking individuals who share our passion for coffee cultivation.

The partnership between Gave and Progeny fills us with excitement and anticipation. We believe that this collaboration represents a solid step forward in our coffee farming journey, allowing us to continue our pursuit of excellence while sharing the fruits of our labor with the world. In every bean, you will find the love, dedication, and hard work that is the essence of El Progreso.

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