Juan Humberto Buitrago


About This Coffee





Brown Sugar, Orange zest, Blackberry


Los Pinos, Huila



Farmer's Story

Born and raised in the countryside, I have always been a full-time farmer at heart. Since 1977, I've called the charming town of Guadalupe my home. In my younger years, I dabbled in coffee farming, but youthful curiosity led me to explore new horizons in the city. I tried my hand at various jobs, but none seemed to fit. Eventually, I heeded my family's advice to return to my roots and embrace my love for coffee once more.

So, I planted 5,000 coffee trees, and in time, their yield allowed me to purchase the land where I've been working for the past 13 years. My farm, El Paraíso, is situated in the picturesque hamlet of Los Pinos. Here, I mostly work alone, tending to the land and nurturing my beloved coffee trees. During harvest season, I rely on the help of my experienced adult relatives who wholeheartedly support me in this labor of love. Today, El Paraíso is home to 8,000 coffee trees.

While the caturra variety we cultivate is exceptional, I'm eager to renovate the farm and explore new possibilities. Unfortunately, limited resources and the high cost of labor have hindered our progress. Despite these challenges, my family remains a steadfast source of support. My two children have built lives of their own, but they continue to cheer me on from afar. Together with my wife, we find solace and joy in our shared love for coffee and the life we've built in the heart of the countryside.

The collaboration between Gave and Progeny fills us with excitement and hope, as we feel our hard work and dedication are finally being acknowledged. As we continue to pour our hearts into each coffee bean, we trust that the partnership will help us achieve new heights and enable our cherished El Paraíso to flourish for years to come.

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