Luis Angel Carvajal


About This Coffee




Cream, Chocolate, Almond

La Trinidad, Huila



Farmer's Story

Twenty years ago, I began working on my family's farm. I am one of five siblings, and from a young age, my father taught me the art of coffee farming. One day, my uncle introduced me to a community of individuals eager to progress and learn more about specialty coffee in Villa Esperanza. Together, we cultivate Caturra, Manzano, and Catimore varieties.

Our farm, known as El Berlín, is nestled in the La Trinidad district of Garzón municipality. My family, comprised of my wife, our three children, and myself, has always relied on the farm as our livelihood. The coffee we produce has not only sustained us, but has also allowed us to look towards a brighter future.

Recently, we've been fortunate to become part of a project with Beyond Trade. This partnership has greatly motivated us, the coffee farmers, to continue working diligently and to strive for even better coffee quality. Our farm boasts about 7,000 coffee plants, and our unique post-harvest process sets us apart.

After picking the ripe cherries, we place them in a large vat, carefully sealed, and let them sit for 40 to 45 hours, depending on the weather. Next, we transfer the cherries to a drying bed for one night, and then spread them out to dry the following day. The drying process takes approximately 15 days, but the result is a truly exceptional coffee that we're proud to share with the world.

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