Jose Santos Ramirez


About This Coffee




Clove, Black tea, Fruit Finish

Campoalegre, Huila



Farmer's Story

Living in the idyllic hamlet of Campovello, Los Pinos has been a cherished inheritance passed down from my parents many years ago. As a result, my entire life has been intertwined with coffee. Today, I share this legacy with my loving wife and our six children, who have all played a vital role in nurturing our family farm to its present success.

Together, we have cultivated 15,000 coffee plants, a vibrant mix of Colombia, Castillo, and Tambo varieties. At an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, our farm benefits from the ideal growing conditions that enrich each coffee bean. Our process begins with germination, followed by planting the sprouted seedlings in individual bags. Once they reach six months, we transplant them to their final locations, meticulously fertilizing them every two months for the first two years. It's then that we excitedly harvest the first fruits of our labor.

During the busy harvest season, my children and other family members eagerly join me in handpicking the ripe coffee cherries. The most bountiful harvests arrive in September, October, and November, with a smaller yet still significant yield in May and June.

The lush landscape of Los Pinos, the warm embrace of family, and the time-honored coffee farming traditions we uphold create a harmonious symphony of love, dedication, and craftsmanship. Each coffee bean that grows on our land carries within it the essence of our farm, our family, and our unwavering devotion to producing the finest coffee possible.

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