Jesus Collazos


About This Coffee




Tangerine, Blossom, Silky

El Paraiso, Huila



Farmer's Story

From the tender age of eight, I was immersed in the world of coffee, working alongside my parents despite not yet owning our own farm. We lent a helping hand to our neighbors, tending to their coffee trees and learning the ins and outs of the trade. At 18, with the support of a close friend, I took a leap of faith, planting coffee on a small plot I had purchased. Thus began our journey as business partners, cultivating and nurturing our very own coffee plants.

Our current farm, Los Pinos, is located in the enchanting hamlet of El Paraíso. Spanning 16 hectares, this land is more than just a farm – it's the place where my family has grown and flourished. My wife, our three children, and I have made a home among the verdant coffee trees. In our daily tasks, we are joined by a dedicated team of eight workers who share our passion for coffee cultivation.

Over the years, we've embarked on a beautiful journey of learning and discovery. From mastering the art of germination and planting, to perfecting the harvesting process, we've gradually expanded our knowledge of coffee production. Along the way, we've also become adept at meeting the diverse demands of our customers, ensuring that our coffee exceeds their expectations.

Coffee is the lifeblood of our region, and it has woven itself into the very fabric of our lives. Each day, as we tend to our cherished Los Pinos farm, we feel the warmth of the sun, the gentle caress of the breeze, and the love that binds us together as a family. It is this love, combined with our unwavering dedication to coffee cultivation, that infuses each bean with the rich flavors and aromas that make our coffee truly exceptional.

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