Javier Joven Penagos


About This Coffee




Peach, Marmalade, Strawberry

La Florida, Huila



Farmer's Story

For over 35 years, I have been a devoted farmer, passionately working the land and following in the footsteps of my father, a coffee grower who ignited my curiosity and love for coffee cultivation. Through the years, I've come to realize that coffee farming is one of the most rewarding pursuits, even if our efforts aren't always widely recognized. Our family-owned farm, El Cedral, is home to 32,000 coffee trees, including caturra, colombia, castillo, and papayo varieties. We pour our hearts into producing an exquisite cup of coffee, and the rich natural bounty of our farm is a testament to that commitment.

Nestled in the verdant hills of La Florida, within the municipality of Garzón, El Cedral is a haven of natural beauty. The lush landscapes of our farm provide the perfect environment for our coffee trees to thrive, while the gentle slopes and dappled sunlight create a serene, picturesque setting that inspires our dedication to the land.

Our family has always been the backbone of our operation, with each member embracing the love for coffee that runs in our veins. Of my five children, one works as a huller, while another follows in my footsteps as a farmer. Our close-knit family bond is woven into the very fabric of El Cedral, and it is a source of pride and joy for all of us.

We are thrilled to partner with Progeny in our coffee farming endeavors, and we hope that the consumers who enjoy the fruits of our labor can truly appreciate the hard work, passion, and dedication that go into each and every cup. As you savor the rich, aromatic flavors of our coffee, remember the warm sun, the fertile soil, and the loving hands that nurtured each bean on its journey from our farm to your cup.

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